Recipe – Duck A L’Orange

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Chris Beall, co-owner of Eden West Fine Foods in Port Moody, is a renowned chef in the Metro Vancouver area and holds a top management position of one of the top eateries in town.
He personifies your typical chef in many ways ... details, details, details. And if the devil is in the details, then let me tell you Chris is one devilish chef. His manner of teaching is very hands-on. One step at a time until you have mastered his culinary creations. He is not constrained by what is currently available as he and his business partner/wife Paula are constantly searching the globe for new and interesting ingredients. Obtaining a list of his upcoming classes is a must for any foodie.

Duck A L'Orange with turnips and Baby Carrots

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FIRST trim back excess fat from around meat; remove nerves and blemishes from duck breasts. Reserve the excess fat for later and discard the rest. Score the fat every ¼” or so.

THEN remove the rind from the oranges and set aside, then with a knife try to get 6-8 supremes from each orange (cut into orange so as to remove skin between supremes. Squeeze juice from remaining and reserve.

THEN peel carrots and keep the best looking 8 - dice the rest. Peel turnips and cut into nice even quarters.



FIRST Place the turnips and whole carrots in a small saucepan with some butter and sauté for a minute or two. Remove the carrots and add water just to cover. Add honey and a little orange juice and cook covered on low for 20 minutes. Add carrots back in and continue to cook covered on low for another 10 minutes until glazed.

MEANWHILE, cook the diced carrots for about 20 minutes in boiling salted water until very soft. Drain, add some butter and some orange juice, season with salt and pepper and puree to consistency of mashed potatoes. Adjust thickness with more water if needed.

MEANWHILE, in a saucepan brown the reserved excess fat from duck and add minced onions and garlic. Brown then deglaze pan with Grand Marnier and allow it to reduce then add stock and a few sprigs of thyme and a dash of Togarashi. Cook until syrupy then strain (pressing all the liquid out of the onions to get every drop.

MEANWHILE, season duck breasts with ample salt and sprinkle of pepper. Then in a hot skillet place the breasts fat side down and cook until fat becomes crisp. Remove any excess rendered fat if needed. Place breasts on a baking sheet surrounded by more thyme and all the orange peels and roast in a hot oven for about 12 minutes until cooked medium.

THEN Remove duck from oven and rest 5 minutes before slicing / serving.



FIRST Recommend serving this for ‘couples’ on a platter with a single full duck breast sliced in the centre of the platter.   For ‘singles’ plate as usual.

THEN quickly dip the orange supremes in the pan with the carrots and turnips to glaze then as well and then plate all the vegetables artistically around the platter.

THEN Pipe the carrot puree around the platter in several “dots”

FINALLY ... drizzle duck with the orange sauce and sprinkle with a little Togarashi and thyme.


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