Property Developer Spotlight

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In this stunning photo expose, we take a close look at a property developer that knows their stuff.

This stunning home is a piece of art straight out of the Tuscan valley. Even the most disparaging Florentine would be proud of this landscaping with its elaborate stone/tile work, visual gardens, palm trees and fountains. The rear landscaping boasts elaborate trellises and an amazing exterior kitchen that give a whole new meaning to dining out. One need not get on a plane to escape to Europe as Italy comes to you in this photo expose. Take note of the attention to detail that our featured Property Developer, Astec Developments, goes to in order to make an attempt at perfection.

As any Tuscan home should have, the floor to ceiling wine rack and bar are conveniently located between the kitchen and dining area. Enjoy the thin marble slab wall piece (below) that lights up in the evening … that combined with the bar and wine rack lighting makes for an unforgettable light show.

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