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Something interesting developed whilst quizzing local interior designer Penny Chauhan of LP Designers. What could it be, you ask. Well let me tell you, I have interviewed many an interior designer and have gotten many a tip on colour and many a direction on wood grains etc……

But yesterday I got schooled on a entire style of current design. Penny asked me to review the photos of her latest design job (featured here) that I had just photographed days earlier. After scanning thru the pics, I asked her what it was that I was looking for. And as she began to explain it became very obvious what the lesson was … clean lines and more clean lines.

The simplistic contemporary look with slight off-white shaker doors with dark chocolate counter top and the reverse for the island. Even the lighting continues with this clean linear look. Penny also pointed out that frosted glass looks nicer with the bright doors as opposed to clear glass. She also pointed out that the shorter doors, such as the ones above the multiple ovens you see to the left, she prefers to use vertical opening doors so that only one door is required – again keeping the lines clean. “With continuous clean lines through-out the kitchen, you will be left with a space that contains less clutter and is more appealing to your eyes as they move across the room … and therefor create a more peaceful environment.” she explained to me.

When quizzed on how she creates the initial design of the home (that is the basis point which will be adjusted many times), Penny replied with something else I had not heard before. She told me that she has a list of several questions that she asks the home owner so as to get a good feel of their personality. That combined with the floor plan, according to her, will be what creates that basis point I mentioned.

While firing a barrage of questions at her, she suddenly stopped me and told me that she forgot to mention the back splash. This, in her opinion is a very important facet of the kitchen. It seems there is a multitude of different ways to go about creating the back splash which is based upon the colour and the pattern. She prefers to go with slightly darker and a simplistic linear or zig-zag design. “So what about appliances”, I say. “Big and stainless steel”, she says. Creating that atmosphere of heavy duty commercial capability is all the rage.

So we left the kitchen and did a walk-thru. It is obvious that she prefers to utilize the same few colours (in this case white, chocolate, and cream) through-out the home, but mixed up to keep things interesting. We packed up and I headed back thinking to myself … I learn something new with every interview. Cool.

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