Let’s Party Baby

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Your bar is a very personal space.  It is a reflection of some little fun inner person that is in all of us.

I have always found that it is better to design a bar before pouring a drink. Bearing that in mind … what is the growing trend with the cocktail centre? Now let’s start by saying that there is nothing wrong with the tried & true bar (see top left), but how ‘bout we take a look at some new ideas … shall we? Notice the many wonderful bars on these pages that defy the norm. By this I mean, instead of the traditional 32″ dark bar stool, these deviants sport knee height stark white lounge chairs, etc.. And if you’ve ever been to the Bayside lounge on Denman & Davie, you know just how cool that is. Also breaking the trend, this cocktail barista likes to feature an espresso bar to assist with those ‘higher-end’ drinks. Now that’s not to say that these or any cocktail stations shouldn’t have ample shelving to house all of the necessary spirits that, of course, should be in plain sight … bragging rights. And would any provider of intoxicants be complete without a handy fridge and/or toaster – for those liquids that require a little extra – toasting!

However, this article isn’t just about the art of pouring. Please take a second to appreciate how these amazing cocktail areas are adorned. Hell, why not add in a little colour if that’s your style? By the by, every great party room should scream something about its creator.

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