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Chris Beall, co-owner of Eden West, is a renowned chef in the Metro Vancouver area and holds a top management position of one of the top eatery’s in town.

He personifies your typical chef in many ways … details, details, details. And if the devil is in the details, then let me tell you Chris is one devilish chef. His manner of teaching is very hands-on. One step at a time until you have mastered his culinary creations. He is not constrained by what is currently available as he and his business partner/wife Paula are constantly searching the globe for new and interesting ingredients. Obtaining a list of his upcoming classes is a must for any foodie.

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When it comes to a family that loves food … the Beall’s are it. When I say this I mean in every respect, from a desire to offer the best in culinary cookware to an obsession to provide the very best in seasonings and ingredients. To the point where they have introduced their own line of spices that have been sourced from all over the world.


When I asked Paula why her and her husband go to this length she told me “That’s just what we’re about. We want our customers to experience the same tastes that we do. And whether that comes in the form of providing them with the tools and training or just the ingredients, we will do what we can because we care.”


And they do. My business partner Glenn, and I, had them open up on a Sunday to demonstrate their prowess in their cooking school and before we knew it Paula was inundated with customers coming in off the street for advice and ingredients to cook that perfect meal for that night. All the while Chris is laser focussed on perfecting his culinary creation.

Watching them reminded me of a day gone by where people really cared about your home and your well-being and had the where-with-all to locate ALL of the items necessary to make that happen.


I tried to absorb all of the very unique, and some exclusive, lines of sauces and extras but soon realized that this was for another entry into our magazine.


However, I will say (and this was unanimous), that if the result of Chef Chris’s meal is any indicator of what you can learn from his classes or what you can obtain from their many ingredients … this is definitely a location to look into!


Check out their recipe featured in this issue: Paprika Pesto Cod with Cous Cous Salad


Make sure to visit them at http://www.edenwest.ca/

or call them at 604.939.6200

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