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ALL OR NOTHING …inset article photo

            THE REAL DEAL.

Wow. I finally got a chance to sit down with Harv Hehar of Urban Flare Developments, who I would consider one of the best property developers in Metro Vancouver – and busiest. I titled this article ‘All or nothing … the real deal.’ because that is a very accurate description of this man.

I started the interview with the usual question “What makes a great developer?” and got a VERY unusual answer. I am used to hearing “I have to do a good job for the customer, bla bla bla bla bla”. But Harv started talking about his team and how it has taken 10+ years to get the right group of tradesmen together so as not to overlook anything that his clients are looking for (yeah, he actually made it clear that it is critical to listen to the home owner?). Then he continued by informing me that he and his team are not only responsible for ensuring that the very same home owners dream becomes reality BUT also that it is his job to determine all the extras such as solar panelling is feasible and/or desired to reduce future expenses and guard the environment. Then he talked at length about what quality really means … I mean he talked about everything including inspection of panels and 2×4’s and roofing materials PRIOR to be installed into his clients home. Then he stopped, and with an intense glance, he told me that he and his team would rather invest some extra time and make less so that his client is happy – “After all, you really can’t put a dollar figure on a good reputation.” were his exact words. Then he concluded the interview with a statement that will resonate in my ears for some time – “I am responsible for someone’s largest investment they will ever make, that is not something to be taken lightly.”       Like I said, all or nothing … this guy is the real deal.

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