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Recently … no, very recently, I got a call from one of my favourite guys in the industry. His name is Glenn Newby, but we call him Yoda. He is one of those individuals that is few of words and much of action. He is one of those individuals that prefers to display his talent rather than tell you about it. Hence his nick-name. Glenn has, even after many years of my own experience, schooled me on the higher art of photography and the precision by which you can achieve what it is that you are after. To this I owe him much.

This interview was a odd one whereby I quizzed my friend the way I would interrogate a colleague. I began the questioning with a simply query … what makes you a successful photographer in the ‘people’ industry? He responded very quickly with ‘I’m all about having fun, and there’s no better way to have fun with your clients than to build a bond with them. You will see in my photographs that everyone is not only having a great time, but showing that special connection & emotions between each other. If you are easy going and friendly you will find the opportunities to get these great photographs. I believe in the cliché, “capturing that special moment in time”. So I tell my clients “Let me help you do this!”’ He told me that people, in general, are afraid of being photographed, so it is important to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. ‘I understand what it can be like to have a big camera pointed at you, and not knowing what to do.’

Then he added ‘Of course … you have to be ready for every possible unforeseen difficulty with lighting, or potential depth of field dilemma, ect, etc, etc.’. Hence why we call him Yoda.   The thing I appreciate most about my friend Glenn is his humility. He always conveys that he is member of the Langley Camera Club and is always learning a lot from these great people. ‘You can learn a lot about being a photographer by talking to another photographer.’ he always says.

I walked away hoping that he was also referring to me.


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