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Focus on Light – Winter 2016

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Last issue we launched a Focus on Light Section which met with such rave reviews I decided to make it a regular feature. I also decided to continue my dialogue with one of the lighting industries leading professionals and someone I deem to have great insight … Stefanie Neal (Norburn Sales Manager) on Hastings in Burnaby. Once again Stefanie and her colleague, Fairen Rosenlund, showed me around and explained all about the different styles of lighting and their applications and their limitations. They also refreshed me on the difference between a dining room light fixture and a kitchen island light fixture and a living room light fixture. I then recalled how huge their showroom is, with more different styles of fixtures than I ever imagined existed. I was shown lights that looked like something out of the industrial revolution, lights that looked something out of the future and lights that looked like some genius figured out a way to combine the two. ‘Is this something like back to future?’ I was thinking to myself. Stefanie yanked me out of this interesting thought and introduced me to this wonderful globe of crystals and lights and then acquainted me with fixtures that I could adjust to create my own shape?? They even had fixtures that displayed the season (I really like the one bottom right of opposite page as I love autumn… November baby!). The two things that they all had in common was that they were beautiful, and quite honestly, pieces of art.

‘So enlighten me as to what trends you see coming out of the lighting industry these days’ I ask Stefanie.

“Right now there is a trend to move towards larger oversized fixtures over the island and not necessarily pendants either. We see lots of small chandeliers and single linear fixtures for the island. We are also seeing warmer finishes being re-introduced. Things like silver gold and antique gold are becoming more popular. We are also seeing a lot of the vintage industrial (retro renewal) and lots of crystal with LED.”

So, once again, off I went to my car to grab the camera and tripod…

You click on any of the images below to view the gallery:


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