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Focus on Light – Summer 2017

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It seems that thru my many interviews with leading lighting expert Stefanie Neal, manager of Norburn Lighting, we have become the go-to place (by interior designers and homeowners alike) for what’s hot and what’s new in lighting fixtures. In consideration of this I have decided to once again seek Stefanie’s advice on what the season has to offer as far as lighting goes.

So I asked Stefanie what trends she sees coming out of the lighting industry at current. ‘Much like fashion, lighting design evolves and changes over the years. However, as much as trends move forward, summer season’s fixtures display characteristics of the past. The ability to pair different eras opens us up to mixing finishes, from mirror finishes of all kinds to gold & brass tones as well as vintage bronzes. This is a period that allows such variety in design. It allows the designer to be unique in their pairings.   Mid-century modern seems to be one of our most popular styles. It is an appealing style with its simple focus on use of materials and airiness’.


Bask by Varaluz

There's a lot we could say about this sparkly new family. We could say that it is inspired by nature and is handmade by artisans. We could wax poetic on its pre-installed crystal and its comely shape. We could state that it presents crystal in a new and entirely un-stodgy way. Instead, we will simply say this: Bask is the crystal you never knew you wanted.


Acid Chandelier by WAC Lighting

Surrealistic droplets of metallic liquid artfully suspended. Powerful LED downlights concealed within these chrome-plated metal shades provide functional illumination comparable to halogen MR16s. String individually or drop them in clusters for the full mind-blowing experience.


Bentley by Eurofase

This 12 light linear chandelier features clear round glass spheres enclosed in a dark bronze frame.


Aspen by Avenue Lighting

This wonderful new lighting creation features13 multi drop pendant light.   Chrome houses the many angle cut bubble crystal drops.  The inner lighting seems to glow so gently.


Forjado by Craftmade

Manually fired with a blow torch to give a random pattern. Rough grinding and buffing marks give a refined industrial look. Slight aurora highlights. Satin Brass Accents. Each piece is created unique.


Fascination by Varaluz

Fascination BY Varaluz. Breathtaking...that's what came to mind when we saw the ruins of an old Nevada mine at sunset. The walls had been constructed of wine bottles and mud. All those old bottles arranged so perfectly and capturing the sunlight, what better inspiration for a lighting family? We mimicked the bottle ends with recycled steel circles of varying sizes filled with recycled glass discs. Rarely before has a design based in "old" seemed so powerfully new.


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