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Focus on Light – Autumn 2016

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Recently I received a phone call from one of our readers asking why we do not cover anything to do with lighting. ‘Good question.’ I thought to myself. ‘My passion is kitchens.’ I went on. So I decided to investigate this potential new avenue. My first instinct was to call Norburn Lighting as they have the best reputation that I know of. So off I went to meet up with Stefanie Neal (Norburn Sales Manager) on Hastings in Burnaby. Well, I was right about the friendly staff and completely wrong about my singular passion! Stefanie and her colleague, Fairen Rosenlund, showed me around and explained all about the different styles of lighting and their applications and their limitations. They explained to me the difference between a dining room light fixture and a kitchen island light fixture and a living room light fixture. ‘Aren’t they all the same?’ I asked. They just smiled and led me into the showroom for a peek.

Holy s#%t ! Their showroom is huge, with more different styles of fixtures than I ever imagined existed. I was shown lights that had branches in them, lights that looked like they housed shards of crystals, lights that resemble the top of a pipe organ (I’m pretty sure that’s what it looked like in my childhood church), as well as lights that looked like bird’s nests and lights that looks like something out of a castle … hanging next to a light that looked like something from an episode of The Jetsons! The two things that they all had in common was that they were beautiful, and quite honestly, pieces of art.

‘So how long has Norburn been here in Burnaby?’ I quizzed Stefanie. ‘The store opened its doors more than 40 years ago.’ she responded. And that experience really shows. As I’m sure you have figured out by now, Ultimate Kitchens Magazine only associates itself with the top brands/people in each industry. Norburn and Stefanie are no exception.

So off I went to my car to grab the Canon and tri-pod … I was not about to let this opportunity pass me by!

You can view the lights in the gallery below:


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