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Faucet Focus – Autumn 2016

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A couple of issues ago I promised to do an investigation into what’s hot…  got it.

Last issue I went looking for a new faucet to replace my dripping one. I guess I could have replaced the seal, but hell … this was a good excuse to go on a photographic quest for beautiful faucets! Can you tell I love my job??

Before we start, let me remind you of two important things that we learned last issue – first that there are two types of spouts: open channel spout (where you can see the water as it come down the spout), pg32-1and closed spout (where you can see the water only as it leaves the spout) – both seen below left. Second, that many faucet styles are available as ‘single hole’ (where the hot/cold handle(s) are part of the faucet) or ‘4″ centre / 8″ centre’ (where the hot/cold handles are not part of the faucet but rather sit to either side) – both seen below right. With this info in tow … let’s move on.

pg32-4Well, Summer issue saw us explore the bold look of Kohler, maybe this issue should venture into the world of Brizo. So I called my friend Rebecca Rendall at the beautiful Langley showroom for The Ensuite. I’ve been to others, but I personally find that The Ensuite has the best selection and more importantly the best people. They really take their time with you and are extremely knowledgeable with regards to their faucets.

‘Which Brizo beauties should we investigate this time Rebecca?’ I asked. ‘How’s about we take a peek at their bathroom faucets.’ She said. So off we went around this corner and down that pathway to this display that was quite honestly a stunning arrangement of gorgeousness (is that a word?). Rebecca explained that these faucets are crafted in Indianapolis and are influenced by the well-known fashion designer Jason Wu.

‘Sounds interesting … let’s take a look, shall we.’

Out came the Canon and up went the tripod.


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