Editors notes – Summer 2016

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This issues thoughts by the editors


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Wow, where do I start as always? This issue saw Glenn and I on a lot of extensive photo-shoots. Glenn photographing the people & clients, and me photographing the architecture. I must start by saying that such a great deal of my photo-prowess comes from the many years of working with my good friend Glenn. He is an interesting character. Some call him the absent minded professor because of the manner in which he works. He is very verbal and tends to triple check everything before committing to the perfect shot … quite often speaking aloud to himself as means of missing nothing. Some call him shy as he is adversely not very outspoken to fellow human beings, and some call adventurous as he is always game for ‘whatever’ in order to get the what we need on film (eg: up 20 feet on a forklift to get the Chaberton vineyard photo). I, however, call him Yoda because he is quite simply the guru of technical photography. On the other hand, I work mostly alone in the magnificent homes where I can take my time and bring these incredible kitchens to life. We make good business partners. But enough about us.

My greatest amount of satisfaction this issue came while hanging out at another of Chef Beall’s gourmet cooking classes at Eden West, or interviewing Jennifer Hill from Chaberton Estates Winery and Lui Bruschetta from Bosa Foods, and not because they are generous people 🙂   But rather because they are very interesting people who work for/with equally interesting companies. My most intriguing time invested in this issue was sharing a cup of tea with Chrissy Cottrell. As I mention in my article on page 32, this lady is not the first interior designer I have interviewed by far … but she is the first interior designer that I have interviewed that I really related too. She seriously knows her stuff and is just so down to earth even though she is at a point in her career where she is travelling to points abroad just to find fixtures for her clientele. A breath of fresh air you are Chrissy!   Another fresh breeze passed my way this issue … TJ Sajan. This young man is one of the top producers for Trail Appliances and someone that I call my friend. He is even more personable than he is professional, how often do you come across that? Do yourself a favour and make sure to read that article on page 13.

Well, I have to say that although I did not get to practice my putting on the top of a roof across from the pier at White Rock Beach, this issue was equally gratifying and equally demanding. I hope for you, my readers, that you thoroughly enjoyed our Summer Issue. Thank-you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support where our magazine is concerned. And please continue to contact us via our web site for inspiration!

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I’m thinking the same thing as Stephen, where do I start once again? We can start with my ongoing role in our magazine… I’m the behind the scenes guy, the technology geek. By day I’m a computer software engineer and by night I’m a professional photographer (or is it the other way around, sometimes I don’t even really know!).

Stephen and I have been working together on various projects over the years, bringing me in as the studio photographer on many of his projects. With the growth of the magazine I’ve been brought in to complete much of the photography. People and on-site client photography are my specialties; Stephen handles all the architectural photography. This issue I worked with Stephen on the photography for Eden West, Chaberton, and Bosa. I had the pleasure of photographing the co-owner/chef Chris cooking up another one of his fantastic recipes, and it was a real treat… just as much as photographing Lui’s creations at Bosa and, of course, we couldn’t let good cooking go to waste!   You can read all about in this issue.

But we can’t forget my forte … the website, ultimateKitchensMagazine.com. I look after the design and programming of the website, as well as maintaining our facebook presence at facebook.com/ultimatekitchensmagazine.com.   Don’t miss checking out our website, we are going to be giving away some VERY cool free stuff (You’re going to have to check out the web site to find out more details). Make sure you take some time to comment on our articles, and share with your friends.

That’s all for now, see you online!


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