Editors Notes – Spring 2017

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I usually begin with ‘where do I start?’, but this issue I know exactly where to start … What’s up with all that snow?? This winter was like something from yesteryear. I can honestly say I haven’t seen that much snow in Vancouver since I was a child. So pretty to look at BUT man does it slow everything down!

I really learned a lot about an ongoing problem facing buildings in Vancouver while sitting down with the guys from 1Clearwater, and as always enjoyed the opportunity to photograph so many gorgeous faucets and light fixtures. And how could I not mention the incredible recipe put on by our friend Chef Chris Beall – Duck A L’Orange. Getting to eat his food every three months is a DEFINITE bonus to the job!

What has recently taken me for a loop is how many people are now entering our online prize draws. Glenn will probably talk more about this but I am OVERWHELMED. We now have so many great prizes being given out, so go to our site and enter!

Well, I have to say that this issue was more crazy hectic than most due to the weather … but equally satisfying and a challenge as always. I hope for you, my readers, that you thoroughly enjoyed our Spring Issue. Thank-you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support where our magazine is concerned. And please continue to contact us via our web site for inspiration!


I’m with Stephen on the winter… so glad this one is over! I’m excited about welcoming Spring and our Spring issue. I mean, I enjoy snow play and skiing and drive a Jeep but keep it out of my back yard and driveway! Anyhow, back to our magazine and welcoming spring.

Stephen says I will talk more about the contests – what more can I say? We’ve had a great response and have really enjoyed giving the winners their goods. We’ve got thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes to give away, take some time and check them out. You should know we reset the draws every issue, so if you haven’t recently entered go ahead and enter again on our website. And thanks for your interest and support of our magazine and draws.

If you haven’t read previous issues let me tell you a little about my role here, I’m the computer guy who develops our web site and a photographer as Stephen is … Stephen photographs the beautiful homes you will find here and I handle the special events and studio photography.

Until next time, see you on-line!

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