Editor’s Notes – Spring 2016 Issue

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This issues thoughts by the editors


Wow, where do I start? This issue size has doubled again. So many beautiful kitchens and so little time. Glenn and I have endeavoured to place more articles that we believe will assist you, our readers, in creating your ultimate kitchen. The new Community Review section on Gastown was just for fun … I know I certainly had fun researching the pubs and nightclubs!

toc left pic 1One of the great parts of my job, other than photographing mansions, is meeting so many interesting individuals in the industry and getting to interview a few of them. This issue allowed me to sit down with Mani from Affinity Projects, Darren from Euro-Line West, and Pablo from Zientte. All of them are great guys. But I have to say I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t get to interview one of many beautiful interior designers like I usually do 🙁

My Gastown adventure also introduced me to a restaurant on Cordova and Abbot called LaCasita. Holy #@%$ the food was good. I learned that the chef is directly from Mexico and man can he cook up a storm. Oh yeah, the Hispanic accented bartender and waiters were great too. The decor makes you feel like you’re in Cozumel, minus the white sand beach.

I have to say that other than the Gastown research, my most memorable moments of this issue came while sitting back on a leather couch with my feet up next to a fire smelling the aroma of the BBQ in front of the putting green … while looking out at White Rock beach on Mani’s roof~!

On a more serious note for a moment (I try not to do that too often), sitting down with Bob from the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association was very informative for me and I hope it was for you too. We will exert an effort with each issue to find new, interesting and informative topics for you. It is important for Glenn and I to provide you with every aspect of the industry so that you will be able to make informed decisions and design with flare. I now receive calls from readers telling me about the new ultimate kitchen they designed by getting ideas from our magazine. That makes all of the countless hours of work worthwhile indeed.

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I’m thinking the same thing as Stephen, where to start? We can start with my new role in the magazine… I’m the behind the scenes guy, the technology geek. By day I’m a computer software engineer and by night I’m a professional photographer (or is it the other way around, sometimes I don’t even really know!).

Stephen and I have been working together on various projects over the years, bringing me in as the studio photographer on some of his projects. With the growth of the magazine I’ve been brought in to help with some of the photography. People and studio photography are my specialties; Stephen handles all the architectural photography. Most recently I assisted Stephen with the photography for Eden West. I had the pleasure of photographing the co-owner/chef Chris cooking up one of the recipes from this issue, and it was a real treat… we couldn’t let good cooking go to waste!   You can read all about Eden West in this issue.

And of course we can’t forget the website, ultimateKitchensMagazine.com. I look after the design and programming of the website, as well as maintaining our Facebook presence at facebook.com/ultimatekitchensmagazine.com.   Don’t miss checking out our website, we are going to be giving away some free stuff (You’re going to have to check out the web site to find out more details). Make sure you take some time to comment on our articles, and share with your friends.

That’s all for now, see you online!


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