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Design Forum – Design Fundraiser

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Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes; the lady you see to the right is definitely one of mine. I can safely tell you on behalf of my fundraising partner, Chrissy, that making this event possible was no small task and this pillar of the community does this every day of her life. We thought it was an endeavour to be contacting a dozen, or so, co-sponsors for a number of weeks to pull off a singular event. Kaleigh works with hundreds of people over the course of the year, every year, to make hundreds of fundraising events successful. It truly is a humbling experience to meet her and moreover have the opportunity to sit down with her and learn all of the things that the BC Children’s Hospital does with the funds that are raised by all the events that she attends. She is warmly thankful for the work that fundraisers do ... but it truly is us that are thankful to her.

Chrissy and I would be remiss if we were not to thank the many sponsors (as seen on event banner below on this page) that made this event possible so that we could provide an environment for so many to help the children. A special thank-you also goes out to the two ladies, Ashton at left & Jaclyn at right; that brought such energy to the event, from LG104.3

Some of the Who's Who of design in Vancouver.

To the many that went out of their way to assist us in helping the kids...  I take my hat off to you.

Well, it’s always an interesting group when you bring together the very best of the creative crowd in Vancouver. These people are not only interesting and informative, but also generous. I had the good fortune of getting into a number of conversations regarding interior design, property development and landscaping advice. That being said, I also seized the opportunity to converse with a number of our donors (Amit Thale of Aeon Stone & Tile, Farnood Ghaffari of Veneta Cusine, and Jack Chen of Future Living, to name just a few) as to why they so dearly support this cause. So many informed me that it is because of their own personal experience with the BC Children’s Hospital and all that it has given them and their families. And as one philanthropist said ‘It is an easy decision to join in and give to a cause that has given so much.’ This was a good crowd to hang out with for the evening.


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